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I pretended to be dead," said Matiullah, who now works as a tailor, pointing out a gash on his forehead."As his Taliban accomplices gathered our weapons and ammunition, Zabihullah declared: 'Everyone is dead'."- 'Addiction' to boys -The Taliban, who banned bacha bazi during their 1996-2001 rule, roundly denied deploying any underage boys for insider attacks."We have a special mujahideen brigade for such operations -- all grown men with beards," a Taliban spokesman told AFP.

The insurgents have long denied using children in combat, a claim repeatedly debunked by rights groups and the government.

actually we’ve got the leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain.

In the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, the Prime Minister was heard saying the Queen “purred down the line” when he informed her of the result.

Mr Ghani, Number 10 said, acknowledges in his piece that Afghanistan is “one of the most corrupt countries on earth” and Mr Buhari that corruption became a “way of life” in his country under “supposedly accountable democratic governments”.

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