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A total of 23 indigenous fishing gears were recorded from the district of which total 9 gears are bamboo made, 2 hooks with metal made, 6 gears made up of bamboo and nylon net together and 3 exclusively made of nylon as well as mosquito net.

Four fishing pots made up of bamboo were also recorded.

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Locals are claiming that the police did nothing to help and in response the Union Home ministry has now sent in nearly 400 paramilitary personnel to secure the area.

When TMC MP Idris Ali reached the spot, his car was attacked.

She collected a few crores of money in her NGO account & later on, as per full probe & full investigations made/done by certain Governmental agencies, it was truly found & proved that, she diverted a huge amount of her NGO fund from her NGO account to her personal bank accounts.

In this way, she tried to cook her entire food, all the time, ( when a funeral fire is going on ) in the name of helping & rehabilating, the Gujrat riot victims.

(I will not let Bengal be divided),” said the Chief Minister in a strong statement on Saturday at the event at Bartaman Bhavan, the main office of Bartaman newspaper on Saturday.

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