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Contact: Spencer Gibson Head of Cell Biology, Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology Professor (tenured), Departments of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics and Immunology University of Manitoba phone: 204-787-2051 Email: Dr Spencer Gibson Ph D In maintaining integrity and homeostasis of multicellular organisms, the balance between cell death and survival is fundamentally important.

When this balance is altered, diseases occur such as cancer.

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This paradox of BNIP3 killing cancer cells and being over expressed in live cells within tumours is a focus of our research.

To date three explanations could account of these differences.

One protein important in the regulation of cell death is the Bcl-2 BH-3 only member BNIP3.

BNIP3 expression is induced under low oxygen (hypoxia) conditions and is over expressed in solid tumours in hypoxic regions.

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