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Accessible via text, Rose functions as both a concierge and a housekeeping aide in guest services. One guest recently called her a "sultry siren"—-she often uses the kiss emoji.

When once asked about free champagne, she replied, "Do I look like a sugar daddy?

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Ready to build a conversational bot for your business? Then there’s Tommy Hilfiger, more of a traditional retail outlet, now available via chat bot interface in Facebook Messanger.

We’ve already made successful bots for media companies and e-commerce businesses. The Tommy Hilfiger chat bot puts more of an emphasis on conversation, so there’s some actual character behind the exchange, not just a list of options to pick from.

The possibilities are endless and we are proud to offer nearly 100 different rooms to chat within. No ads, no annoying buttons and instead we focused our energy on making Instachatrooms as easy to use as possible.

The home screen has a superb section that details the most popular chat rooms with the most users online.

Chat bots were one of the hot topics of 2016 and their use is only going to grow in 2017 – not just through big-name AI assistants like Alexa and Siri but also in cut-down, bespoke versions of these bots created by businesses and brands.

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