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In 2006, while working in the fine-dining world under celebrity chef Suzanne Goin, Bacon began studying the power of raw and medicinal foods.She wanted to heal the hypothyroid condition she’d had since her teens, in addition to severe allergies to wheat, sugar, and cow dairy. I ate primarily vegetables and legumes from the farmers’ market, and foods that would serve as hormonal adaptogens. These live, medicinal foods had changed me from the inside out.“My next round of blood work revealed my thyroid hormone levels were back to normal,” says Bacon.At first, the complex juice combinations were the main draw, but the menu quickly evolved, introducing gourmet vegan snacks and the Moon Pantry (a collection of bio-available, whole foods), as well as the best-selling Moon Dust collection (unique and proprietary adaptogenic blends that address beauty, brain, body, sexual energy, sleep, and spirit).

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“My own transformative experience, backed up by extensive blood tests, and under the scrutiny of several physicians, found me with renewed vitality.

This shift in my personality, my immune system, appearance, and thought inspired me to create Moon Juice.”Resolving to “bridge the gap between the healing world and the foodie world,” Bacon opened the first Moon Juice shop in Venice, California, in 2011.

I explored the arts, sexuality, and meditation as catalysts for altered states of consciousness,” Monté reflects.

The 60’s and 70’s liberation of the mind and body was just a starting point for the once painfully shy flower child as she moved deeper into meditation and yoga.

When you're educated on what "culture in the gut" means, what foods your body needs for metabolic function, what are some of the signs of an acidic climate in your educate yourself on that, then you’re off to make choices and there’s freedom in that.

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