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I know there are specialty tools out there that do this. the results of these "tricks" aren't as great as you expect. So, solving your problem depends on the source of your guy's voice - if you already have the guy's voice then pitch shifting is all you can do, really, but if you haven't recorded the guy's voice yet and have some control over how things are said, then there are things you can do. I haven't found one that doesn't produce horrible "artifacts" in the sound file though. This subject was discussed in another thread a while back and one person claimed to get wonderful female voices from another product.

Most likely there would be a plugin or add on for Audition to do this. ), Nancy Gormezano, Roger, cribbidaj, thefreshestever, Tom, Dalemation, Simon Edmondson, thejobe, Rob_T (2 more x), agep (again! There are dedicated programs that can do a lot more... I have gotten many more different sounding male voices out of it (from my own).

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At the moment, only 90 ball bingo games are playable on all devices.

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