Free sexy chatterbots with pictures

Typing 'top news' brings you a quick slideshow of headlines which you can click on to read the full story, which would possibly be useful if you wanted a quick update on the news on the go.

You can also ask it about how certain companies are performing.

Unfortunately, consultation with a doctor can be difficult to obtain, especially if we need advice on non-life threatening problems.

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Free sexy chatterbots with pictures

The first “operative” bot in the healthcare sphere dates back to 50 years ago.

ELIZA was created to mimic a Rogerian psychologist, that is a therapist who asks questions to the patient simply by rearranging what the patient himself said.

By entering the company's ticker code with a dollar sign prefix, you get a graph of its performance.

So sending a '$AAPL' message brings you Apple's recent stock prices.

Processing natural language is a challenge in AI development.

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