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I highly doubt any place does support something so irritating and annoying, but anything can exist, but not really because unless you are in heaven then that can happen. Now if you pity yourself for reading this like most do, then do something productive and useful to the environment. The wall of text was invented by engineers using typewriters. If you promise not to hurt me, I'll give a coupon good for a free Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's. Now just do this one thing for me, read the article over again, just one more time, and if you really truly don't agree with everything in it, then fine, I'll retire from my job with the railroad and we'll call the whole thing off and just go dancing, just the two of use, me (the writer) and you (a completely random crazy person who has actually read down this far), and boy won't we turn heads when we show up at Rockefeller Center with the entire Donner Party in tow!

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This booklet was made sometime in the late 1960's, likely the summer of 1967. You can get enough vegetables to last your commune a week. FREE BREAD AND ROLLS — Rapaports on Second Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets will give you all the free bread and rolls you can carry. This method is a lot safer than the customary shoplifting.

Although the author is given as George Metesky, a notorious criminal nicknamed the "Mad Bomber", it is widely assumed that Abbie Hoffman used this as his nom de plume, given the similarity to this work with his later book length treatise Steal This Book. Lettuce, squash, carrots, canteloupe, grapefruit, melons, even artichokes and mushrooms. Mark's on the Bowerie, Second Avenue and 10th Street, saying you need some meat for a church sponsored meal. The fishermen always have hundreds of pounds of fish that they have to throw away if they don't sell. In order to be prosecuted for shoplifting you have to leave the store with the goods. You can visit them on a Saturday, Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Invest 10c in one of the Jewish Dailies and check out the addresses of the local synagogues and their schedule of bar mitzvahs, weddings, and testimonial dinners. WELFARE — If you live in lower Manhattan the welfare center for you is located on 11 West 13th Street, 989-1210. Some will actually dig the whole scene and won't give you a hard time, others can be a real bitch.

So if you know how to trip a meat truck, by all means . Lines like "Betty doesn't look pregnant" are frowned upon. Take a half empty glass of booze from an empty table and use it as a prop. Max features fried chicken wings, Swedish meatballs and ravioli. THE CATHOLIC WORKER — 181 Chrystie Street, will feed you any time but you have to prayas you do in the various Salvation Army stations. The heaviest wino scene isthe Men's Temporary Shelter on 8 East 3rd Street. They are currently looking for a free truck to help them collect the food and free souls dedicated to extending the free food concept. Champagne, caviar, lobster salad, all as free as the open sea. The main office number is Dl 4-8700 if you do not live in lower Manhattan. Once a week in every district the sanitation department makes bulk pick-ups. FREE BUS RIDES — Get on with a large denomination bill just as the bus is leaving.

A&P stores clean their vegetable bins every day at A. They always throw out cartons of very good vegetables. Also recommended is picking up food in a supermarket and eating it before you leave the store.

FUCK THE SYSTEM by George Metesky TABLE OF CONTENTS Free Food Welfare Free Clothes Free Lawyers Free Flowers Free Furniture Free Transportation Free Phone Calls Free Money Free Gas Free Land Free Buffalo Free Medical Help Emergency Numbers Free Drugs Free Security Free Birth Control Information Free Information (General) Free Rent Free Beaches Free College Free Theatre Free Movies Free Music Free Poetry Free Swimming Pools Free Pets Draft Resistance Free Cars Clap Section Cop Section Dope Tips and Bad Trips Communes FREE VEGETABLES - Hunt's Point Market, Hunt's Point Avenue and 138th Street. Just tell them you want to feed some people free and it's yours, all crated and everything. FREE MEAT AND POULTRY - The closest slaughterhouse area is in the far West Village, west of Hudson Street and south of 14th Street. If you want to be really professional, dress as a priest and go over and ask. A freezer unit will save a good deal of running around. Turning a guy on to the free idea will net you a week's supply of top quality meat. If you have eaten it there is no evidence to be used against you. Show up at the back of the place about three hours after it is scheduled to start. Tell them you're a college student and want to bring some back for your fraternity brothers. If you want the food served to you out front you naturally have to disguise yourself to look straight. They won't mind your loading up on free food because they consider you one of the crowd. Mark's Church on the Bowerie, Second Avenue at 10th Street. There is, of course, red tape involved and they don't dig longhairs. Getting on welfare can get you free rent, phone, utilities, and about $20.00 a week to live on. each day you can bum free flowers in the Flower District on Sixth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets Once in a while you can find a potted tree that's been thrown out because it's slightly damaged.

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