Kathryn webcams

Go To Meeting when recording your session will NOT show the webcams. As our products go, Go To Training at the moment is the only Comm product that currently records webcam. Depending on this, we'll need to investigate other screen recording tools because this feature is critical.

From other posts, it looks like GTM were considering this already over 2 years ago?

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Utah Valley University broke ground on two vital additions to the campus this summer. The Cole Nellesen Building next to the Mc Kay Education Building will be the center of UVU’s autism initiatives.

This may seem like an easy hike, but keep in mind you will be summiting a mountain at 12,162 feet! While the moon only covered 89% of the sun, the air temperature dropped and the aspens cast beautiful crescent shapes.

Use these three tips to ensure you summit the peak and have a great hike. It was a memorable day and we hope you continue to make more memories...

A family friend started a Go Fund page to help get them back on their feet, and help Aubrey with her future.

Although Kathryn and Hector had secret plans to get married a week before Aubrey’s due date, his death interfered.

Culver educates its students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual – mind, spirit, and body – through integrated programs that emphasize the cultivation of character.

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