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I was also out of work and finishing a graduate degree. My search led to the website of a group that promised to demystify sex and relationships.

As school and marriage ended, money also ran out, and hoped-for jobs failed to appear. I decided to dip my toe in by attending a blues dance class at their “center,” where I met a bunch of friendly people who seemed genuinely happy.

Through the public hearings, the legislation was drafted to reflect the input of law enforcement officials, teachers, school officials, parents and advocates and it has passed the Senate.

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In addition, 4,231 Level 1 offenders would have been removed from the Registry without any judicial review.

After three public hearings across New York State (Albany, Long Island and Brooklyn), Senator Skelos wrote the Megan’s Law Reform Act (Senate Bill 4793-B) to strengthen Megan’s Law in 25 different ways, including mandatory notification by police when a registered sex offender moves into a community, lifetime registration of all sex offenders, requiring information about all levels of sex offenders to be posted on the Internet and GPS monitoring for the worst offenders.

Since enacting Megan’s Law in 1995, the New York State Senate has acted on over 100 separate occasions to pass legislation strengthening Megan’s Law and more than 200 times on other legislation dealing with sex offenders.

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