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Also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder They may understand what's expected of them but have trouble doing it because they can't sit still, pay attention or attend to details.

They may also have other serious behavioural, emotional and learning problems, which can get them into an awful lot of trouble if ADHD is not recognised and treated.

There is a difference, children with ADD (now called inattentive ADHD) still have extreme attention problems, they are just not hyperactive.

They are the more dreamy types who seem often to be away with the fairies.

The Highest Concerns About the Risks of Online Shopping On average, about one in three people spend more than two hours a week shopping online.

16% of people in Australia and 17% of people in New Zealand have already experienced credit card fraud after shopping online.

We found the club great, management team friendly and helpful and the venue awesome.

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