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They come up with broad plans to address these people and move on.

Well Told Story’s recent experience of launching our Kenyan Shujaaz multi-media platform in Tanzania has shown us quite how wrong that approach can be.

It was followed closely by a sex tape of arguably Kenyan finest DJ. READ ALSO: Bro Ocholla's Sex Text Wrongly Sent To Whats App Prayer Group Even before Kenyans got time to take a breather, came brother Ochola. Ken Mutua, a Kenyan Facebook user stripped down and sent photos of his dangling wand to his crush on Facebook. READ ALSO: Divorced On Whats App 10 Days After Wedding, Woman Claims The status, as if set on fire, went viral.

A staunch christian who sent a sexually explicit message to a church group. It was shared and re-shared by users, especially female users who had had enough of being harassed on social media by overbearing males who sent all manners of atrocities to their inboxes.

But again what got me pissed is as much as u live in BK. Abusing me & Calling my house a box house and all that wasn’t necessary at all.

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