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The male flies' behavior is easily explained as an adaptive behavior, say the scientists: Falling asleep during sex is not a good way to pass on your genes.But, they wondered, why are females still receptive to male advances when sleepy?"What we have discovered is a neuronal connection that regulates the interplay between courtship and sleep." When researchers tracked neural activity of male and female fruit flies, they found tired fruit flies had little interest in sex, while aroused fruit flies rarely slept.


Sleep-deprived females were more likely to mate than tired males, while aroused females slept significantly more than aroused males.

Researchers hypothesized that females must take any chance they get to mate, regardless of how little sleep they've gotten.

Provide intensive sex offender treatment for offenders participating in the Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Program to include development, implementation and modification of individual treatment plans.

Conduct and prepare psycho-sexual evaluation for use by community corrections, Parole Board, and treatment providers in the community.

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