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This journey started off with me wanting to get a prepaid backup cell phone on a different network than what I currently have.

In an emergency, I wanted to have a phone on a different network just in case mine went down.

There are usually protections in place that stop hackers from performing what is called a “man in the middle attack”, by encrypting communication with the server, as well as ones to stop any malicious code from getting too deep into the phone.

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Though staying away from unsecured wifi networks will make users less likely to be hit by the problem, it doesn’t mean that they’re safe.

Hackers could still get in the way of the messages during the course of normal browsing.

Now by untraceable I don’t mean being able to hide having it tracked when it’s powered on, I feel that’s kind of a no-brainer.

The signal could always be triangulated via cell towers, but this article is not meant to go into those details.

Samsung is reported to have provided a patch to mobile network operators, who must push Android updates out themselves.

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