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You have been past due on an American Express account in the last 12 months. Our cancellation of your account under these circumstances may result in negative reporting of this account to the consumer reporting agencies.

Your account was reviewed using a consumer credit scoring system that evaluated the information in your file at the consumer reporting agency named below. Additionally, if you do not pay your account in a timely manner, your account may be referred to a collection agency." Now you can imagine how upset I was.

I have several other major credit cards and always pay them on time and in full every month.

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I wrote a column saying that you were the one shining beacon in this industry.

The American Express Icon is a free graphical icon for use on any web design project, including a website or blog.

The gold AMEX dress now lives in the National Gallery of Victoria's collection.

It also frequently turns up on all-time worst dressed lists.

Buckingham Palace have denied everything more than once. From 1999 onwards, when she was just 15, Virginia spent much of her time on Epstein’s Boeing 727 – nickname, the “Lolita Express” – on an unsavoury kind of world tour that included, she says, an orgy with Andrew on Epstein’s private island of Little St James, or “Little St Jeff”, as it became known.

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