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The actress, who has said she met Assange through designer Vivienne Westwood, has been spotted visiting the Wiki Leaks founder at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been holed up for four years, even bringing him a vegan lunch in October."Yes- I think he's quite sexy," Anderson wrote in a March 9 blog post on her website.

Sexy equadoran dating

I won’t be going back and the girls were not the only reason.

When making travel plans – I read reports online, check out a guidebook on occasion, and then go see what the country is like for myself.

You'll never ever meet an arrogant or conceited Ecuadorian.

Some of are of indigenous background, others of European background, mostly Spaniard.

She has also taken to writing love poems about the man some say might have helped Russia influence the U. presidential election by serving up Wikileaks as a conduit hacked emails aimed at embarrassing the Hillary Clinton campaign. / It is a romantic struggle — I love him for this,” she continued. OK, we’re not sure it even qualifies as bonafide poetry, but it’s Pam Anderson and Julian Assange, for heaven’s sakes, who are we to debate literary merits?

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