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These people only lived to tell the tale because their families paid large bribes to the security forces for their release; nobody knows what happens to those without money or relatives to save them.The shame and social stigma around rape and sexual violence is so intense that witnesses wept, shook and even vomited at the recollection of their ordeal.To be eligible for the competition, your idea must be implementable between the period of 21 Sept - .

The platform features stories relating to social issues in Sri Lanka, which are submitted by i Voice contributors and the general public.

The objective of the i Voice Idea Competition is to encourage youth to play a participatory role in solving social issues.

I invite my local colleagues to participate and present papers, to acquire and to disseminate knowledge.

Sri Lanka is a country that is gifted with greenery and a warm climate throughout the year.

In many cases, even abroad their torment doesn’t end because the security forces continue to target their families remaining in Sri Lanka.

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