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More elusively, it’s an album about dissolution, into love, into lust, into family, into the music. Young Thug introduced isn’t a record about singing or girls or even his fiancée, and it’s definitely not a country album, despite the acoustic guitars.

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Wayne Fulton is a former England’s Strongest Man competitor from Burnley in Lancashire.

, Young Thug’s debut album, executive produced by Drake (jk, lol), is perplexing. Back to that in a second: Are the beautiful thugger girls? Young Thug has spent his career distinguishing himself, in fashion and in expression, and here he reaches the logical endpoint of all that idiosyncrasy: loneliness.

Young Thug sits alone in a four cornered room staring at a guitar. Some nude, some limbless, some bound by rope, all plastic, the dummies lack distinction, pale in the glow of Young Thug’s guitar.

“I recommended [another engineer] because I was sick once, and he was like ‘How the fuck do you do this?

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