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MTV reality star Anna was spotted with Ashley in London’s Chelsea Harbour before joining four others and going to a club at the luxurious May Fair Hotel.They were celebrating that Ashley’s team beat Wigan 4-1 on Saturday, and the couple only returned to Anna’s Kensington hotel at 4am.She later posted a picture of them on Twitter captioned: “London fun with Ashley x.” A source told The Sun: Anna Kelle, known as AK but called herself Kelly Simpson during her modeling days, is a 32-year-old glamour model, photographer, and also appears at MTV’s The Valleys as the “The Boss”, where she tries “to put an end to the bimbo glamour model stereotype and make the housemates realize that it takes hard work to make it as model.” Ironically, she once said that dating a footballer was a poor choice for glamour models: “We still have this stereotype of models being attractive but with no intelligence – I’m proof that’s not true,” she said.

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“Swagger just popped into my head and he seemed to like it.” She added, “Ashley is the most gentle, considerate and passionate lover and there does seem to be something developing between us. “But I want to give him the chance to prove he is as lovely as he seems.” The paper adds, “After months of flirting the pair finally met last week and went to a club at London’s swish May Fair Hotel before heading back separately to AK’s hotel.” She said: “He told me to make sure the shower was running.

“He is incredibly protective of me and it is very early days — but there is definitely more to him than womanising and football. “I took off all my make-up, hairpiece and eyelashes and got into bed in French knickers and a vest top.

Let’s be honest - We’re now so used to members of One Direction being linked to female human beings that we no longer spit out our breakfast every time we hear the ‘d’ word (dating, that is).

It turns out there's no rest for the wicked at the weekend either, with new reports claiming Liam Payne has been ‘secretly dating’ Cheryl, who has allegedly started divorce proceedings after reportedly splitting from Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini last year.

“He has a chance to prove himself with me and I hope this flame grows.” However, AK went on to say that Ashley has warned her that dating him has its downsides.

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