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A caller to the show dialed in to ask, “Justin Bieber recently told a radio station that you’re so sexy and so cute. ” If we could insert emojis here, we would include seven of the frown-face ones.)Anyway, Lawrence—not one to be evasive or vague in that common celebrity-interview way we’ve become accustomed to—responded, simply, “Uh, I’m gonna say a hard no .

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"On the car ride here, I said the man who was coming through with the heart issue was warning the living client that I would meet with about heart disease in his future." Tyler reassures Matt that he doesn't have anything to worry about just yet.

"[It's] definitely good to keep it in mind," Tyler tells him. I see your health being fine, but definitely keep in mind your heart."2.

Whether it was on “Blossom,” “Boy Meets World,” or “Brotherly Love,” the trio has always proven that there’s no greater bond than family.

This is why it’s no surprise then, that the name of their new band is called - Still Three.

And finally, Tyler helps comedian Loni Love find closure with her loved ones and reveals there is definitely romance in her future.

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