Armory not updating after 4 0

But yea, update came overnight and since it was a major change I applaud the armory update system!

Faction Realm Race Guild change is a big step for the armory so at least it´s not set to ignore lol...

Put me in charge of your web team, and I promise it will be a well oiled machine. Not to mention difficult to hide Alts on wowprogess which is literally all I've been trying to do for the last two days.

My characters haven't been updated in nearly a year... Can't confirm a character when your armory wont update... I'm noticing certain things aren't getting logged either - Rare item pickups, professions increasing in skill, guild activity. I don't know if this helps anyone, but I was able to get my characters to update after I logged into the new Wow Legion Companion app on my phone. Sure enough after a few minutes, my gear updated on armory.

Sorry it took so long, but a lot of rewriting was involved.

Last modified 11-Jun-2017 07:59