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That's just of the people who wrote me about that particular topic.This site has its share of readers who are 65 and older. Not even close." I understand where this worry comes from though.The average age of sexual initiation is roughly between 16 and 19.

Numerous studies have looked at the negative consequences associated with early sexual initiation, such as emotional problems, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and intimate partner violence.

But recently, researchers at the University of Texas looked at how sexual-initiation age could benefit people later in life.

The reality is you have way more time than you think.

The core fear of people who are behind is that they've missed the window to create the kind of social life they want. Pretty much anything you could do at 20 you can still do when you're older.

In a study led by Paige Harden, 1,659 sibling pairs were evaluated from middle adolescence through young adulthood.

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