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The costs for maintaining those additional data centers can be significant.

As companies look for ways to decrease costs without undercutting the customer experience, the debate over whether to centralize or decentralize call centers is a perennial one.

Call Center Services Call Center services are booming in most developing countries, all around the world.

You likely already employ a company to do your printing, one for your labels, and at least one other for your promotional products.

But what if you assigned each of these responsibilities to a single company that could do it all, for less?

(The assumption was accurate, due to the relatively large number of agents and because salary rates in the new location were either the same or less than at the decentralized sites.) The reason I was involved was because there were also sales people on the analysis team who believed that they...

would lose relationships and possibly business if the contact center operations were centralized into one location. After measuring the hard dollars of projected cost savings against the loss of local service, the company decided to proceed with the consolidation initiative; the cost savings were substantial, while the customer impact was projected to be limited.

Using one company to accomplish your printing goals can save your business money by: The bottom line is that consolidating your print, label, and promotional vendors into one trusted source can save your business time, money, and hassle.

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