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The catch-22 of dating sites is that you need to attract a LOT of members.By the time I have filtered selections down to the candidates of my preferred gender, in my preferred age range, with my preferred interests, I am slicing a very small percent of a very small percent.The internet has changed life for everyone, but the group that has been most impacted is the segment of humanity that answers to titles like “nerd” and “geek.” These words have had a long history of negative connotations, largely because they apply to people who have passions outside of the “mainstream.” 100 years ago an intense interest in fantasy and science fiction could leave you feeling very alienated. The internet allows people to find others out there who share common interests, no matter how obscure your interests may be.

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Just be clear in writing your profile and in weighting your questions.

For example, two of my most important questions are "Star Trek - Cool or uncool? " Those two do a great job of filtering potential matches for me.

Card games, tabletop games, role playing games, they’re all group activities. According to this dating site, it is the “largest online dating” site for everyone who considers themselves a nerd or geek or dork.

Even video games often nowadays are played with others, either online or on the couch. Membership is free and makes use of a matching system that compares profiles and interests, allowing like-minded individuals to find one another and check each other out.

This boosts your chances of meeting someone you really like, that is, someone you find attractive and compatible.

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