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Today only 15-20% of the Dutch (about 2.5 million people) is Reformed, while 25-30% is Catholic. Today many orthodox-reformed Christians in the Netherlands cooperate with Evangelicals in organizations such as the 'Evangelische Omroep' (Evangelical Broadcasting Company), the 'Evangelische Hogeschool' (Evangelical College), and the political party 'Christen Unie' (Christian Union) Dutch emigrants and missionaries brought Reformed churches to many other countries outside Europe, including Canada, United States, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Swiss Reformed Churches were started in Zurich by Huldrych Zwingli and spread within a few years to Basle (Johannes Oecolampadius), Berne (Berchtold Haller and Niklaus Manuel), St.

Dutch statesman and theologian Abraham Kuyper revived Calvin's teachings in the late 1800s as neo-Calvinism, which was soon adopted as part of the country's national identity and became the official ideology of a political party, a trade union, a newspaper, a university and many schools.

By the mid 19th century, half the Dutch population was Protestant."There is no denying it: the Dutch are Calvinists.

Gall (Joachim Vadian), to cities in Southern Germany and via Alsace (Martin Bucer) to France.

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