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When that day of your blind date comes, the app searches its database and display users who also have plans on that day.“Crazy Blind Date” pairs you with users whom it thinks (with the help of algorithms) you would be compatible with.Beyoncé’s little surprise defied a major norm of releasing an album in today, which is waiting .

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Note that their faces are scrambled to give you just an inkling of an idea what they look like.

Also, each app is tied to the owner’s phone number in order to prevent fake users or trolls.

I received a note from Bobby confirming that he was actually planning to show up and informing me he’d be wearing a blue sweater.

Feeling duplicitous — ABC7 News was already on its way to televise the date — I ventured over to the restaurant.

(“Fancy,” which propelled Iggy Azalea to the top of the charts, was the fourth single in a year to come in advance of her album , though Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show and HBO documentary helped whet appetites for her music earlier in 2013.) Considering how common advanced streams and album leaks are, new records are also often fractured experiences: it’s rare that fans can simultaneously react to new music on the scale they did with Beyoncé .

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