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Dancing With the Stars partners Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton sparked dating rumors almost immediately after they took the dance floor on the season 24 premiere on Monday, March 20.

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My husband and I met ballroom dancing, and Dancing With The Stars is easily one of our favorite reality shows to watch.

We diligently watch each week as famous celebrities are matched with professional ballroom dancers and compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy.

I cut each score out and attached a popsicle stick.

When each performance is over we can raise our score cards and see how we voted compared to each other and to the judges. I grew up in a home where sports ruled and every football season the family was waging their bets in the fantasy football brackets.

LV: Well, we've only had two, but the jive was a lot of fun. " Gleb's like, "OK, we do this choreography and now you jump into the splits and then you go into my arms and I flip you back on your back and you do this and you kick your legs up and it's 99 miles an hour, and we're good to go, yeah? " Gleb, what are the challenges of teaching Lisa Vanderpump to dance? So that's a challenge to go from when we're having a laugh to work, and so be very strict and become like a Russian dictator — without the "tator."And Lisa, what are you finding the most challenging about this process? I have a lot going on — I have another restaurant in development. It's a new space, it's out of your comfort zone.

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