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And while the two aren’t engaged just yet, they might be getting close.According to The Sun, James and Smith stayed at a Palm Springs hotel after the premiere of “We’re not engaged yet.

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In October 2016, Kaling opened up about the split and explained that she and Novak are still friends.

“I can’t speak [for] him, [but] I think for me it was challenging to be in your mid-twenties — I’m such a sentimental person and I take things very hard — but that’s the nice thing about being in long friendships. He broke up with me,” she said at the time, according to Us Weekly.

We both were shooting at the same location but on different sets.

When I got to know about it, I went to her set and met her.” “Due to our daily hectic schedules, we hardly meet and whenever we get opportunities like this, we utilize it to the fullest. Unfortunately, we both have lost our respective mothers, so somewhere down the line, we connect on a deeper level.” In fact, when we started having a look at their official Instagram handles, we found quite a few pictures where they could be seen partying together with their friends.

It has been noticed that the two are bonding big time lately and probably are seeing each other.

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