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Design elements of the 17,608 capacity venue include: Salvage and abatement of the Downtown Plaza was executed May-July 2014.

Demolition began Mid-Summer 2014 and construction started Fall 2014.

(1) From April 15, 1970,(a) a person reaches the age of majority on becoming age 19 instead of age 21, and(b) a person who on that date has reached age 19 but not 21 is deemed to have reached majority on that date.(2) Subsection (1) applies for the purposes of(a) any rule of law, and(b) in the absence of a definition or of an indication of a contrary intention, for the interpretation of "full age", "infant", "infancy", "minor", "minority" and similar expressions in(i) an enactment whenever enacted, and(ii) a deed, will or other instrument of whatever nature, not being an enactment, made on or after April 15, 1970.(3) The use of the words or similar expressions referred to in subsection (2) does not in itself indicate a contrary intention under that subsection, without some further indication of a contrary intention.(4) In an enactment other than this Act, a reference to age 21 must be read as a reference to age 19.(5) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, by order, amend an enactment or bylaw of a local government passed on or before April 15, 1970, by substituting a reference to age 19 for a reference to age 21.(6) An amendment may be made applicable to a class of enactment or bylaw.(7) Despite any rule of law, a will or codicil executed before April 15, 1970 is deemed, for the purposes of this Act, not to have been made on or after that date only because the will or codicil is confirmed by a codicil executed on or after that date.

(1) In an order or direction of a court made before April 15, 1970 a reference to age 21 or to an age between 19 and 21, or to any of the expressions referred to in section 1 (2), must be read as a reference to age 19 unless a contrary intention is indicated.(2) The use of the phrase "21 years" in an order does not in itself indicate a contrary intention under subsection (1) without some further indication of a contrary intention.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Golden 1 Center took place on September 30, 2016, in time for the 2016-17 NBA season.

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