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Whilst things have changed since I last dated certain characteristics still remain.

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When I met him, I couldn't speak nor write English well. But he never looked he was thinking it was a problem. I am quite successful in my work, but I think it is not the most important thing in my life.

And I felt he is incredibly kind and being able to meet this kind of person is the first time in my life. ” David & Tomomi, Belgium I'm interested in various things — sometimes very active, sometimes very relaxing — traveling, reading, cooking, taking a walk, watching movie, musicals/operas, going to museums, learning foreign languages Having a warm family. I want to have someone who I really care and who cares me a lot.

Why did you have to write I am a 'liberal man'? And don't just pose as a liberal man from India - conduct yourself as a gentleman from India. And, don't worry, gentlemen get more options even for the things you are looking.

You just very enigmatically put it that you would love to bed an Australian woman with no strings attached and no commitment from your side. For that matter, yes you can surely find some Australian or American or Russian on any other.

Actually, when we met, we already could think ”This is the only one.” It never happens if we didn't join TMA, so we very thank you. I can adopt myself in new environment quite easily even in foreign countries, as I have studied in USA for 1 year and worked in Germany for 4 years before.

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