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With her core staff of six women working feverishly from Bumble’s headquarters in downtown Austin, Wolfe and her team zip and zoom from one task, one milestone, one breakthrough to the next. Austin, she says, gives Bumble the freedom to spread its wings and fly.Leaning over the kitchen counter of the waterfront home where she launched her game-changing idea not long ago, Wolfe sips on a Topo Chico and puts on a pot of coffee. Even if you’re not a sports fan, there’s still a snack bar.

To go along with the Marriage Shake-Up dating series, here are more than 35 ideas for date night – use some of these or come up with your own to create some new memorable experiences! We had a blast when we visited the Coors brewery in Denver. Look for breweries, distilleries, or any type of factory in your area and schedule a tour. And the couple that races together, stays together.

It’s not really as much about what you’re doing as it is about the experience you have together. Seeing your fave bands is a great way to spend some time together. It’s pretty awesome to see not only how beer is made, but how it’s packaged.

Here's how it works: You fill out an online questionnaire with the usual dating-site info, such as age, ethnicity, height and weight (yeah, better to pick "muscular" rather than "overweight").

One category asks you whether you drink, and offers multiple options including "heavy drinker," "I have a drinking problem" and "I need a drink now." That's sure to widen the pool of possibilities!

Memories are the things that bring us closer and keep us bonded. *Quick Tip: Check out Groupon for things to do in your area that are also at a discount. Nothing gets your blood pumping like a little competition!

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