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More specific dating is possible with electric models by checking the stamp on the back of the pickups, in the format "mmddyyyy" e.g. Of course, that only dates the manufacturing of the pickups themselves, which may have been in stock for some time before they actually went into an instrument, so strictly speaking that stamp only establishes an easliest possible date for the instrument as a whole. q=kay guitar Remember, all "Buy It Now" prices are the price the seller would LIKE to get, and not necessarily what a buyer SHOULD pay.Teisco (テスコ) was a Japanese manufacturer of affordable musical instruments from 1948 until 1969, and now the brand is owned by Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co. Teisco products were widely exported to the United States and the United Kingdom.

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I am using it mostly for slide right now as the neck needs to be reset, bloody awesome sound though! I just bought a K100 guitar with plain front and sunburst back. Through research I found it was made by the Kay company. Kay model numbers begin with the letter K in the format "K- xxxxx".

Identification is complicated by the fact that Kay re-assigned these numbers around 1960, so many models have two different model numbers, one which was used in the '50 and another in the '60s, despite being the same guitar.

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I would l UI development TVike to know the year it was made and what it's worth who ever had it took care of it very well it plays great and sound good I was told it was 1940s r 50s I welcome any thank who ever could tell me the number inside the body is L in-5816 I have a Kay acoustic the serial number is L2258, it has been in my family for a long time and I was just wondering what year it might of been made and more about it. It has a V neck profile, stenciled headstock label, ladder braced, paddle head, pyramid bridge, O-sized, the marking, "K-2" is impressed into the back of the head and D-81 is stamped inside the guitar.

In the Harmony world, the interested buyer is often rarer than the guitar itself.

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