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This chart was produced to identify the various wings worn by aviators in the U. The wings shown are officially authorized, issued insignia.

Once a wing pattern was authorized, it continued to be issued and worn until a new pattern replaced it. Wings that are approximately 3" wide were worn on the flight jacket/flying suit.

A small number of URL officers trained as Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers who hold technical degrees at the undergraduate and/or postgraduate level may also opt to laterally transfer to the restricted line (RL) as Aerospace Engineering Duty Officers (AEDO). The naval aviation pilot wings worn by NAPs were identical in design to the naval aviator insignia worn by commissioned officers. Navy still has an unknown number of senior officers on active duty in the Regular Navy or serving in the Navy Reserve who were originally accessed as NAVCADs (naval aviation cadets).

Navy, most Naval Aviators are unrestricted line officers (URL), eligible for command at sea; however, a small number of former senior enlisted personnel subsequently commissioned as line Limited Duty Officers and Chief Warrant Officers in the aviation operations technician specialty have also been trained as Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers. Such individuals were referred to as naval aviation pilots, colloquially "NAPs" or "APs." which remains informally aligned with other naval aviation professional organizations such as the Association of Naval Aviation, the Tailhook Association, the Maritime Patrol Association, and the Naval Helicopter Pilot Association, among others.

When evaluating a pair of wings, the following information should be considered - Many WW2 wings continued to be issued and worn for years after WW2.

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