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Wells, 33, and Danielle, 32, are both currently living in Nashville and it was revealed that the duo went on a date together years before joining the Bachelor franchise.However, they remained friends with Wells claiming on the show she was "out of his league" and he was airing on the "side of caution." MORE: Danielle Maltby's New Boobs Will Make Their Big Debut on 'Bachelor in Paradise'!

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However, he made a point of mentioning that Wells !

They’ve been friends since Danielle lived in Nashville.

While he’s busy fulfilling his dream of Jorge’s Tour-ges, Wells Adams will take over the bar. Well, too bad because we think he’s got something brewing with one of the ladies in Paradise! She was excited to reunite with her girlfriends from the Bachelor mansion and excitedly threw herself on Alexis upon seeing her, effectively summing up the guys’ dreams.

Danielle’s arrival in Sayulita, Mexico showed a side of her we’ve never seen.

You will be given photos of your baby to take with you.

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