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I mean, the guys will literally have dozens and dozens of the SAME rifle/pistol/shotgun.

I mean, I’m all for a huge gun collection, but wow, diversify a little will ya?

It was one of the standard issued rifles issued to the United States Armed Forces during World War 2 and was given the attachment of a barrel mounted grenade launcher. Since it was the most common rifle used by the Americans, the M1 Garand was seen in the hands of various troops throughout the film; including Miller's Men.

It has an 8 round internal En Bloc magazine of .30-06 Springfield ammunition. Patton described the M1 Garand as quote "The greatest battle implement ever devised".

The firm’s lack of experience in manufacturing firearms made the problems worse.

In hindsight, it is obvious that IHC was ill prepared for the new challenge.

Fast forward to the future, and the ability to easily (at a price) collect and purchase this rifle has exploded its popularity in the United States, unlike the M14 or M16 with the Class III status that it entails.

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