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Jessica Canseco: You want me to get into all of this?

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Online dating has gone from stigma to dogma, and true acceptance among all ages and gender.

Yes, there’s lots of moaning about its pitfalls but it does work.

Since I began dating, way back in the sixties, we’ve seen an unprecedented change in societal mores, habits, sexual habits, family structure, and significant changes in just about every “institution” that existed post WWII. We are also currently living in a very scary economic state as well as dealing with pretty serious global issues and I’m NOT talking about “Climate Change.” Terrorists abound worldwide, America’s place in the world pantheon is diminished, and instability seems to rule.

I’ve written a two-part essay (Part One and Part Two) about what I believe is really the world’s biggest problem – diminished fertility rates in so many countries – and this issue is getting ZERO attention.

dives into the rituals of dating played by real-life married comedic duo Emily Axford and Brian K.

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