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When Louann and I recently reconnected, she said she still believes this is true — if not worsening as society becomes more technology dependent.In the absence of IRL interaction, the anthropological cues that help women determine the safety and desirability of a potential partner are eliminated.Abstract This panel consists of the following papers: “Anonymity in Chatroulette: Embodied Practices Within Online Impression Management”; “The Embodied Mods: How Modders in Virtual Spaces Embody Practices of Self Through Virtual Community Creation and Values”; “There and back again - a Self-Shooters Tale: reconfiguring embodiment via selfies”; “Internet Dating: Technologies Appropriation of the Body for Targeted Relationship Initiation”.

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How do we navigate the space of intermixing, the borderlands of identities as the distinctions between “virtual” and “real” continues to blur (Orgad, 2009; Baym & Markham, 2009)?

As online users blend digital and physical practices, the meanings attached to the self and the body are reconfigured, ranging from discovery to obfuscation.

Students completed the surveys between December 2013 and March 2014.

Participants reported sending and receiving at least 51 text messages per day, and spending an average of 22 hours per week using social media.

Most participants reported that they text/texted their current or most recent dating partner frequently.

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