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and especially I hope you had time for your families, friends… But also during this summer, Fuji Rumors worked restlessly on the rumors and news…

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I’ll be the first to point out that I have a lot of inherent DISADVANTAGES when doing online dating. Without game OR looks, you’re going to have a lot of trouble with online dating.

I’m short, I’m Asian, I’m not traditionally attractive, and I’m certainly not rich. Though if we’re being honest, you’re probably going to have trouble with ANY kind of dating so it’s not that surprising that online dating would be similar.

You’ll notice we’ve moved things around a bit and spruced up the old 2007-era site. As you might have surmised, we are a group of motivational speakers and personal development coaches who are dedicated to changing the lives of our clients.

We also have a brand new videos page which highlights some of the best video content from our coaching staff.

So you can imagine my results when I first attempted the online thing in 2001 with zero social skills on top of that. But when you start to add “game” (game in this context meaning the collective charm, wit, humor, charisma, etc.

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