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Like other browsers, IE has what’s called an extensibility model, meaning that it is possible to write software that, when installed, becomes a virtual part of IE.

A good example that I use myself might be Last Pass.

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Many different variations of engine placement, brake size and type, and even steering mechanism give the user the control to create their ideal car.

Car nuts will appreciate the details provided, such as the ability to aerodynamically sculpt the car, while those not fascinated by cars may find interest in the automated track testing feature.

Different text color Type "^" ([Shift] 6), then type a number from 0 to 9. Note that "7" is the default color, white; and "9" is black, which is a bit difficult to see.

Made up items Type "give [anything]", where the item is anything that is not an item in the game.

It adds an additional toolbar to IE’s standard set and integrates tightly with IE to provide its password capture and filling features.

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