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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Characters FAQ by Jade-X Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Platform: Play Station 2, Xbox, PC Genre: Action/Adventure Publisher: Rockstar Games Developer: Rockstar North Author of this FAQ: Jade-X Email: [email protected] Contents ---------- I. Turf: San Fierro: Easter Basin, Esplanade East, Esplanade North Colors: Browm (But they wear street outfits) Nationality: Vietnamese ------------------------ Sindacco Family Mafia ------------------------ Leader: Johnny Sindacco Turf: Las Venturas: Caligula's Casino (INSIDE!

) Colors: Red (They wear black though) Nationality: Chinese ---------------- Da Nang Boys ---------------- Leader: ?

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(Outro) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------I. Intro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Wassup! · Played as himself in the Vice City movie, Exploder: Evacuator Part II. Facts: · The DJ of the Alternative radio station, Radio X: The Alternative.

--------------- Jack Howitzer --------------- Name: Jack Howitzer Voice: Randy Perlstein Facts: · A guest in Entertaining America. ------ Sage ------ Name: Sage Voice: Jodie Shawback.

The officers escort Carl to an area controlled by Front Yard Ballas.

The pair throw CJ from a moving police car and promise that they'll be in touch.

Woozie Turf: San Fierro: Chinatown Las Venturas: The Four Dragons Casino (INSIDE!

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