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Geiger claims that its nearly impossible for both twins to survive.

Doctor #2 ] Siamese twins are flown to Chicago Hope for a separation procedure.

Technician ], Kathleen Arc [ Thurmond's Secretary ], John Robertson, M. Geiger faces the consequences when the husband threatens a lawsuit, prompting the hospital board to threaten Jeffrey with dismissal unless he apologizes. Shutt operates on a woman with a large tumor behind her nose. Thurmond tries to convince Phillip to put him back in the surgical rotation.

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But in the box are nude pictures of the girl and her diary.

Lily begins reading the diary and realizes that she's going to change her life and become a wild woman!

Nadine Winslow ], Ken Lerner [ Jonathan Saunders ], Lynne Moody [ Yvette White ], David Newsom [ Doctor in Asylum? Peter Farringer ], Charles Duke [ David ], Drancy Jackson [ Raoul ], Graham Galloway [ Waiter ], Les Podewell [ Jerry ] Laurie Geiger Dr.

Paul Dooley [ Walter Mc Teague ], Victoria Dillard [ Dr.

A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (1988): Jimmy's prom dateloses her shoe in the garden and he won't give it back, so she runs away without it.

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