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Gatecrasher, last item]• Apparently Wolf Blitzer has never heard of Captain Janks, Crank Yankers, or the Howard Stern show.

But he's eager to interview anyone related to the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

Rasasi operates over 100 elegantly-designed unique, dedicated showrooms at leading malls and prime market locations across the GCC.

Can't hate our favorite septuagenarian for trying to stay young. the fact that she hangs out with celebrities is super cool and she's an icon here in Egypt- i mean common, who gets to hang out with celebs like QJ on a daily basis and party with Paris Hilton.

However at first glance these pics got a "Oh hells no" from me since I thought ol girl was a Danity Kane chick. What makes her an even better person is that she doesn't gloat nor is she a snob, but rather very down to earth.

The colours all work well together and look stylishly sophisticated and contemporary.

Bossip has learned Music writer/producer Quincy Jones is dating aspiring fashion designer Heba Elawadi, age 19.

Unlike the party jollof eating masses in cities like Lagos, I'm not a fan. This must be the most adorable pic I've seen in a long time of a little bridesmaid and page boy.

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