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I say “mostly” because there was a guy that definitely looked like my invented man, and had the job of my invented man, but whatever else he was…. I fell in love with a guy I called “Hot Comic Book Guy”, named so because a.) he was hot, b.) he owned the comic book store, and c.) I didn’t know his name. I walked into the comic book store he owned to start a pull list, and there is really nothing more fateful than that.

I mean, what are the chances he would be in the store he owned and working right when I needed to read New Mutants?

Przepis na makaron ze szpinakiem, serem pleśniowym i suszonymi pomidorami jest bardzo prosty w przygotowaniu, a także szybki – gotowanie zajmuje około 30 minut.

Jeżeli lubicie śmietanowe sosy i szpinak, koniecznie musicie go zrobić.

While writing publishing article in the york city subway in the 1980s.

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