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We danced and kissed on the dance floor for about an hour, but we decided to be good boys and not go home together that night.

We swapped phone numbers, and, the next day, I went on a two-week vacation. (Why does it seem that whenever you meet a guy, one of you goes away the next day on a two-week trip?

When you were a young teenager, did you scribble your crush’s name on your folder, drawing hearts and rainbows and imagining how your first name would sound combined with his last name?

If so, that’s fine if you’re 13, but if you’re still doing it at 33, then you need to slow down and stop fantastizing too soon about the guys you are dating or crushing on.

(The Frisky) -- Don't you hate it when you think you meet a great guy online -- and then he totally blows it?

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