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He set up his profiles under the handle "classicjimbo" and both featured images of him and his crazy eyes and wild red hair. “He is the perfect kind of person to be a target for these prison groupies because he’s obviously savvy, he’s into the web and Internet dating,” said Sheila Isenberg, author of “Women Who Love Men Who Kill.” She says that these "groupies" want to be a part of infamy and there is a low risk of rejection involved, which makes it attractive to women who have been abused in their past.

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“In this age of instant information, these criminals become heroes overnight,” she said.

“[Tsarnaev] has young girls with Facebook pages of him and others posting on Twitter about him, doing stuff in his name.

According to records, both accounts were last assessed two days before the shooting.

The cakes that look NOTHING like they were supposed to. By worst dating cities in america Mandy Zucker View Comments Content reported.

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