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While walking to the locker room during a recent game, Tootoo spotted a young fan and completely made the kid's night (or week, or probably his entire life) by letting him keep his hockey stick.

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On August 28th, 2002, that day changed my life forever.

My brother Terence took his own life and through all the trials and tribulations throughout my career, that day changed me forever.

In a recent story in the , one of the most popular Predators ever talked about how and why it has been six years since he touched a drop of alcohol and how things have changed as a result."It's a balance and understanding that when you create something it's not all about you anymore,” Tootoo said.

“I changed my ways to change the cycle for my kids, for the next generation of my family.

Jordin’s paternal grandparents were Pierre Tootoo and Jenny Quassa.

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