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And how they handle their finances tells you a lot."Launched in 2006, the site matches couples based partially on their self-reported credit scores, a three-digit metric most often based on a person's debt level and repayment history.Credit scores are typically used by lenders to determine whether a customer qualifies for a loan and at what interest rate, most often coming into play when someone applies for a credit card, seeks a car loan or goes hunting for a mortgage.ET has learned that Doug has met Christina and Tarek's two children, 6-year-old Taylor and 1-year-old Brayden.

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Just ask Niem Green, a 34-year-old entrepreneur who has turned the intersection of love and finance into a thriving online matchmaking service called Credit Score Dating."Looks and great conversation are wonderful," the Dover resident said.

"But when things get real, people want to know if their mate can weather the storm.

Between each six minute date, conversation was able to flourish thanks to the different questions posed by each plant.

"Over in Victoria, where the program actually started, they've already got a land care for singles baby and a land care for singles marriage, so we've got our fingers crossed," ACT Regional Landcare Facilitator Rebecca Palmer-Brodie added.

Our writers explore and prepare you for the thoughts and feelings we all experience on our dating journey to keep things fun and interesting.

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