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It concludes that while many similarities between the Biblical and Masonic account of this event exist, there are also some discrepancies.

My stat line was not very impressive: four steals (against me), three blocks (against me), and two hoops (that we quickly bought at a sports shop once the Globetrotters unexpectedly accepted our challenge).

In that game, I had the honor of playing against a 7-foot-7 fellow nicknamed “Tiny.” The human giant, in turn, had played with a Globetrotter named “Moose,” who went to North Korea with Dennis Rodman, who was on the 1999 Dallas Mavericks with Bruno Sundov, who played on the 2003 Cleveland Cavaliers with Le Bron James.

Here’s how he describes his project: …I built a tool to find the shortest possible connections between 50,000-plus professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey players.

(Special thanks to the amazing Sports-Reference family of sites for the thorough databases for each sport.) Two athletes are considered “connected” if they played for the same team during the same season, although due to trades and injuries it’s possible that certain “connected” athletes never shared a field of play.

A CHALLENGE TO CONSCIENCE The Lives and Legacies of Prince Hall, the Founders of Social Lodge No.

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