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ARMACAD is a platform for students, scholars, scientists and parents to search and find scholarships, grants, fully funded conferences, summer schools, trainings, seminars and other study opportunities worldwide.Every day regular updates across hundreds of disciplines appear online.So this is probably better: to get the date in ms, and the other one relies on a date-to-number transform. For our case, functions are very simple, so we have to do it around 100000 times.

The invariant culture represents a culture that is culture-insensitive. Is Read Only); property values used in formatting and parsing operations through the Region and Language application in Control Panel.

It is based on the English language, but not on any specific English-speaking country/region. For example, a user whose culture is English (United States) might choose to display long time values using a 24-hour clock (in the format HH:mm:ss) instead of the default 12-hour clock (in the format h:mm:ss tt).

For example, en-US is a specific culture that represents the English language spoken in the United States, and en-CA is a specific culture that represents the English language spoken in Canada. The following example illustrates this for a system whose current culture is English (United States) and whose long time pattern has been changed from the default of h:mm:ss tt to HH:mm:ss. There is still a possibility of inconsistency, because neither object creation nor the user override process is atomic and the relevant values can change during object creation. You can control whether user overrides are reflected in .

You can instantiate a A neutral culture represents a culture or language that is independent of a country/region; it is typically the parent of one or more specific cultures. This callback method is passed a Type object that represents the type needed to provide formatting information.

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