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Providing mobile friendly websites, payment gateways, focusing on the customer experience will be the next thing in affiliate marketing.Isn’t it cool that you can earn – 0 every day if you do a good affiliate marketing. And you will need a minimum of 100 unique visitors to your site.The links on the other websites are called external link.

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The US houses approximately 127 million horizontally-challenged adults and worldwide, more than one billion men and women are tipping the scales.

As such and considering the substantial increase in obesity across all countries in the past few years Bone Fish has ingeniously identified a gap in the market whereby those that are overweight can search for other individuals of a similar size for friendship, love, romance or more.

Through our network of personalized dating services, we aim to connect singles worldwide with their true love, in a safe and fun environment.

The Cupid Media network offers a specialized dating service to a diverse group of individuals across the world.

High commissions are paid out for all new sign-ups that confirm their account through email or SMS (as available).

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